The holidays are a time filled with joy and laughter. While you’re planning the festivities, you’re probably not thinking about your plumbing. But if you’re not careful, your plumbing can turn into a real problem. To help you enjoy the days ahead, your local plumber repair service wants to share some advice. Here are 1st Choice Plumbing’s top holiday plumbing tips:

  1. Guard your garbage disposal – When it comes to your garbage disposal, watch it like a hawk. Don’t let grease, bones, oil, or fibrous foods enter into your drain. Ask guests to throw away their food waste rather than placing it in the sink.
  2. Prep for incoming guests – Be sure to prep for any guests who are staying at your home. Ask your visitors to take shorter showers to accommodate everyone’s needs. Fix plumbing problems before your company arrives.
  3. Drain problems? Get them fixed – Take time to de-clog your drains. Drains, even partially clogged ones, can quickly get worse. This is especially true if you have extra people in your home.
  4. Be mindful of your septic system – Finally, don’t forget about your septic tank. Haven’t had it pumped in awhile? Get it cleaned before you have any houseguests for the holidays.

We hope our plumbing advice lasts you throughout the holidays and into next year. And if you should you need plumber repair service, know you can always call 1st Choice Plumbing!