Water heaters are one of the most important appliances in your home. Although they’re usually out of sight and out of mind–tucked away in your attic, garage, or a closet–you’ll know instantly when they stop working. 1st Choice Plumbing wants you to know about the five most common water heater issues plumbers see:

  1. Noise from water tanks – Water heaters that make lots of loud, banging noises could mean one of several things. Get things checked out if you notice a difference in the sound yours makes.
  2. Foul smelling water – Hot water that smells bad is cause for concern. This is a sign of bacteria in your water. Call a plumber immediately if your hot water stinks.
  3. Leaking water tank – If you don’t have a tankless water heater, leaks can be a problem. You may need new hoses or a completely new water heater.
  4. Hot water runs out quickly – This is very common, especially if you have several people in your household. In many cases, this can be fixed by simply increasing the temperature on the tank’s thermostat.
  5. No hot water whatsoever – No hot water at all? It could mean that the pilot light is out on your gas water heater or that you need to replace your heating element.

When any of these things happen to you, call 1st Choice Plumbing. We offer water heater repair and water heater replacement on electric, gas, and tankless models in the Rock Hill, Lancaster, Chester, and Kershaw areas of South Carolina.