Household piping is something most homeowners don’t know much about. To make matters more confusing, there are four different types of plumbing pipes. Each one has different needs when it comes to care and maintenance. Here at 1st Choice Plumbing, we want you to know as much as possible about your plumbing system. Here’s a brief overview of the four types of pipes you may hear your plumber talk about.

  1. PVC – In general, PVC pipes are used to provide access to drinking water but you’ll find them used for sewer work, too. Depending on what you’ll be using the pipe for, each PVC pipe will vary in size and thickness. PVC pipes for potable water usage must be specifically sized.
  2. PEX – Highly rated for indoor water use, PEX pipes are new and very popular. These plastic, flexible pipes are helpful in households and small offices. You cannot use PEX pipes outside since UV rays will cause significant damage. While they tend to be more expensive than other piping options, PEX pipes are nonetheless useful and efficient.
  3. Galvanized – Galvanized piping is a material that’s been on the market for quite a while. It is often considered unreliable due to the buildup of rust that often happens inside the pipe. This rust can enter into drinking water, which is hazardous. Most often, galvanized pipes are used for gray water like bath water and water from the laundry.
  4. Copper – Copper pipes are common in many households. Sturdy and resistant to corrosion, copper pipes work with both hot and cold water flows. However, these pipes need expert installation to ensure efficiency.

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