In our last post we talked about four common areas for water leaks to occur in your home. But would you know if you had a leak? The earlier you find these leaks and stop them, the better. Here’s a list of signs that you may need to call 1st Choice Plumbing for water leak detection services in your Rock Hill, SC area home:

  1. Mildew – If you see or smell mildew in your home, it’s a sure sign of excess moisture.
  2. Water stains – Have you noticed an unexplained stain on your wall or ceiling? This is one of the most noticeable signs that there’s a leak in your home!
  3. Sound – Our homes make a lot of sounds that often don’t mean anything. But if you think you hear water running constantly – even when none is being used – then it might be sign of a leak.
  4. Foundation cracks – Cracks in the foundation are big indicators of water leaks.
  5. Changes in water meter reading –  Check your meter, then wait around an hour. Don’t use any water, then go and check it again. If the reading changed at all, you could have a leak.
  6. Expensive water bill – Has your water bill spiked and you don’t know why? A leak may be to blame.

Let the professional team of plumbers at 1st Choice Plumbing help you plug that leak today. We offer first-rate plumbing installation and repair, including water leak detection services. Call for fast service in Rock Hill, Lancaster, Tega Cay, Fort Mill, York, Clover, Fort Lawn, Indian Land, Chester, Heath Springs, Kershaw, and surrounding areas in South Carolina.