When it comes to choosing home appliances, you should always try to get the best ones for your household’s needs. This is especially true when it comes to picking out a water heater. Today, 1st Choice Plumbing wants to help make this decision easier. Here’s our advice for choosing water heaters:

  • Learn about each type – First, learn about the different types of water heaters. The most popular household models are electric, gas, and tankless.
  • Consider the specifics of your home – Is your home already set up for a particular type of fuel, such as electricity or natural gas? Is a tankless water heater a smart investment for your family? How many people live in your home? Are you interested in using geothermal or solar energy to operate this appliance? These are all points to discuss with your plumber. We’ll take a look at your home and recommend the best model for your needs.
  • Think about cost – Finally, you need to consider the costs of buying a new water heater. Think about energy consumption along with the cost of the unit itself. For example, tankless water heaters cost more upfront but are the most cost-efficient in the long run.

When you need a new water heater for your home, call 1st Choice Plumbing. We’ll help you choose the best one for your home in the Rock Hill, Lancaster, Chester, and Kershaw areas of South Carolina.