Drain clogs are a real mess. Whether it happens at your home or business, you need to hire a plumber who knows how to remove the clog fast. Drain jetting is one method that many plumbing companies use to clean out clogs. How does this service work? Here’s an overview from 1st Choice Plumbing in Rock Hill, SC.

What is drain jetting?

Drain jetting is a process that uses high-pressured water to clear out a clog. While it sounds fairly simple, it does require care and attention to make sure no further damage is done. The equipment your plumber uses will force water through a long hose into your drain or sewer line. The water strikes the clog, causing it to break up and move through the line. The technique makes it an excellent solution for tough blockages, such as those caused by tree roots.

Should you call a professional?

Clearing clogs from a drain or sewer line isn’t a DIY job. Always call a plumber who offers drain cleaning near you. They’ll assess the problem and determine if drain jetting is the best solution.

Got a clog and think drain jetting may get the job done? Call 1st Choice Plumbing. Our plumbing repair services include drain cleaning near you in the Rock Hill, Fort Mill, and Lancaster, SC area.