Video Inspection & Leak Detection

One of the hardest things about plumbing issues is that you can’t always see how big the problem is. What appears to be a tiny leak can be just the tip of the iceberg. Here at 1st Choice Plumbing, we know that in many cases, people don’t understand the complete scope of their problem when they hire a plumber. Unfortunately, some plumbers and contractors use this fear of unknown to their advantage. They build in unnecessary work that costs the customer extra money. But our team goes the extra mile to save you money through our video inspection and leak detection services in the Rock Hill and Lancaster, SC area.

When you call on the trustworthy plumbers at 1st Choice Plumbing, you can rest assured that you’re always getting the whole truth about the scope of your project. Our state-of-the-art video inspection and leak detection services allow us to see exactly what’s happening in your plumbing system. We can show you the results so you’ll know exactly where leaks and blockages are in the line—and just how serious the problem is.

Our modern camera equipment is connected to a monitor for convenience. As the camera travels through your pipes, water line, or sewer line, our plumbers will explain exactly what you’re seeing. As they guide you through your plumbing system, they’ll point out potential threats, as well as blockages or leaks. This way, you’ll easily see all of the problems you have and know exactly what repairs need to be done.

Protect your peace of mind and your savings by hiring certified plumbers who have your best interests in mind. Our video inspection and leak detection service is a simple and cost effective way to spot root damage, corroding pipes, leaks, and dislocated joints. When you’re able to see the problem with your own eyes, you won’t be faced with any surprise costs.

1st Choice Plumbing has been committed to providing exceptional plumbing services to our customers since 2008. Contact us today for fast service in the Rock Hill and Lancaster, SC area.