Backflow preventers are essential devices that protect your home’s drinking water from contamination. While not required in every situation, they are crucial in specific circumstances. 1st Choice Plumbing is here to help you understand backflow preventers and determine if your home needs one.

Why are backflow preventers important?

These valves act as a one-way street, ensuring water flows only from the municipal supply into your home’s pipes. This prevents contaminated water from flowing back into the main line, potentially harming your family and your community.

Does your home need a backflow preventer?

While not universally mandated, some situations necessitate them:

  • Irrigation systems: If you have an automatic sprinkler system, a backflow preventer is likely required. Check with your local authorities for specific regulations, or contact 1st Choice Plumbing for expert guidance.
  • Low-lying fixtures: If any fixtures (washing machine, pool hose bib, etc.) are located below the flood rim (highest point) of your drain, a backflow preventer offers additional protection.
  • Local regulations: Always check with your local municipality, as specific requirements may vary depending on your area. 1st Choice Plumbing can help you navigate these regulations.

What should you do?

If you have any questions or suspect your home might need a backflow preventer, don’t hesitate to contact 1st Choice Plumbing! Our experienced plumbers can assess your needs, answer your questions, and install a suitable backflow preventer for your home.

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