Knowing when you need a backflow preventer is important. However, it’s equally critical that you take the right steps to install one. Preventing backflow is necessary to protect the health of your community. You see, backflow can seriously contaminate the water supply, causing unhealthy conditions and a huge headache. So what should you do if you need to get a backflow preventer at your home or business? 1st Choice Plumbing has the answers you’re looking for.

  • Hire professionals to do the work – Backflow preventer installation isn’t something you should try to do yourself. These devices must be set up properly in order to protect the water supply. Stay safe and call us for installation.
  • An inspection will be required – Before the installation process begins, you’ll need to get your plumbing inspected. Sometimes water contaminants can enter your water through other means. Making sure you have a plumbing system that’s working as it should is a critical first step in the installation process.
  • Tests will be performed – In addition to an inspection, you’ll need to test your water. Backflow preventers cannot be installed until you’ve checked your water for possible contaminants.

Call 1st Choice Plumbing when you need to install a backflow preventer on your property. We’ll make sure your drinking water is safe and that you’re in compliance with all state and local laws. It’s just one of the many plumbing services we offer to Rock Hill, Lancaster, and surrounding areas of South Carolina.