How often do you think about your home’s pipes? If you’re like most homeowners, your home’s piping system probably doesn’t cross your mind – that is, until there’s a problem. But as any plumber in Rock Hill, SC will tell you, your pipes are integral to your plumbing. 1st Choice Plumbing has several common indicators that it may be time to replace your pipes:

  1. Leaking pipes, slab, or sewer – Leaking pipes in your home can cause serious damage. In many cases, leaks are caused by corrosion in older pipes. If your home is older, a piping inspection may be in order.
  2. Broken pipes – Broken pipes can also be caused by old age. A plumber can tell you if it’s time for repiping.
  3. Unclear water coming from the tap – Brownish or yellowish water should never flow from your taps. Damaged piping often causes changes in water color, making it unsafe to drink or use.

Keep in mind that these aren’t all the signs that you need a repiping job. Your best defense against costly, unexpected repairs is to work with a plumber who specializes in piping. Call 1st Choice Plumbing for repiping services in Fort Mill, Rock Hill, and the surrounding areas of South Carolina. Need emergency plumbing for a burst pipe? Our 24 hour plumbing service is here when you need us.